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Small Packages

Over the years online shopping at American stores traditionally hasn’t been easy nor convenient for Bermuda residents. Some U.S. shops don’t ship internationally, others charge exorbitant shipping fees, and the logistics of getting your packages through customs is always a headache!

The reasons above is why we started Island Shippers — a convenient, hassle-free, premium delivery service from the U.S. to your home in Bermuda.

Ocean freight, is one of the longest established and most economical forms of transporting goods internationally.

While air freight is favored for time-sensitive shipments, ocean freight is still the first choice for many businesses and individuals looking for a cost-effective solution.

We offer subscription free membership, free U.S delivery address, free consolidation of packages and in-house shopping assistance for online purchases at our City of Hamilton office. It is the perfect solution for your day to day online shopping and is also a great option for transporting personal effects.

Please contact the Island Shippers team for any questions regarding small package shipment!