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1. Who is Caicos Caribbean Shipping Lines (CCL)
   a. CCL is our U.S. freight forwarder and consolidator

2. What services do Island Shippers offer?
   a. Ocean (Small packages/ Bulk shipments)
   b. Airfreight
   c. Relocation

3. What is the “delivery address” for my packages in the USA
   a. Customer Name – Bermuda C/O CCL – Caicos Caribbean Lines 9949 NW 89th Avenue – Unit 8 Medley, FL 33178

4. Can I track my packages?
   a. You may use the tracking numbers your vendors send to track your packages to our Florida warehouse.
   b. You can also track the package after it arrives at our Florida warehouse on your Island Shippers account

5. Where do I collect my packages in Bermuda?
   a. Small packages are collected from our retail office in the city at 41 Cedar Ave, 3rd Floor, Cedar House.
   b. Bigger packages are collected from our warehouse is located on Hermitage Road, Devonshire, between Elliot Primary School and
    SAL (at the rare of the Old Metro Mineral Factory)

6. Can I pay online for my packages?
   a. Yes. Payment can also be made via telephone with a credit/ debit card. Alternatively, we also accept cash when collecting your packages.